About Me

Welcome to Playing in The Kitchen. I created this blog as a record of my own recipes, recipes that I beg from friends, stolen or copied unashamedly from various sources. This is also a place where I can publish my food pictures.

As my job is polar opposite of cooking and baking, one of my main mode to relax, unwind and destress is dabbling and playing in the kitchen. Luckily there are ravenous boys in this house to be my guinea pigs food tasters. I like to make the occasional treats to warm the hearts without over expanding the waistlines. They say the way to a man's heart is via the stomach. It is so much easier when the said man has a very sweet tooth. 

I tend to pick or modify recipes to make them as "healthy" as possible, afterall one has to subscribe to what one preaches. I apologise in advance that they are not always "healthy" options, so don't take this blog as a place for healthy eating medical advice. In many of the sweets I make, I do attempt to search for low fat recipes, or reduce the amount of sugar. I often make the cakes in muffin pans, so that I can freeze half of them for the school lunchboxes.

Some of the recipes will consist of traditional Malaysian or Chinese dishes, as that is my root and where my interest in cooking began it's journey. Since I started playing in my parents' kitchen, I developed an interest in baking, probably because my OCD self finds comfort in the need for precision in measurements and techniques. I now live in Australia, although there is a vibrant multicultural bend in the restaurant scenes here now, one still can't find some of the more "homely" dishes; which I miss most and would attempt to learn how to make them.

Enjoy reading and trying out the recipes on here, or modify them to suit your own preference. Have fun playing in your kitchens!

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