Coming Up

Coming Up In April

I'm sounding like a broken recorder. Again apologies for not being more productive in the kitchen. There hasn't been much "playing" at all recently, cooking became a necessity, even then many shortcuts were taken, and takeaways featured heavily on our family diet recently.

OK I do have a good excuse. We're having a baby in 4 weeks! Apart form the lack of energy, sore numb hands from carpal tunnel and backaches, I've been busy finishing up work, and setting up the nursery. I've tried to eat healthily enough for the baby though, but our family meals consisted of meat and veges, Woolies chicken and salad or a quick frittata.

This month I'll be doing some meals and snacks for the freezer. Since I have a month off work before the Eviction Day. Yesterday DH said he's been fixing up little DIY jobs in the house (that he's been putting off for ages!!!) because he's "nesting". OMG, ever heard of men nesting?

Here's a pic of the nursery.

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