Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup

I've loved this noodle soup since I was small thanks to a restaurant not far from my school, I have to admit I still haven’t gotten it right. The best Taiwanese beef noodle locally now in Brisbane is from Yang Mama in Sunnybank.

1kg gravy beef/any casserole cut
2 cloves of garlic
3 cm knob of ginger
2 tbsp of bean paste (I used chilli bean paste today, DH complained it was too spicy)
1 star anise
5 cloves
1 cinnamon
2 cups of beef stock
2 carrots cut into large pieces
1 lobak (chinese turnip) cut into large pieces
Yang Chun noodles (flat wheat noodles) 1 bundle per serve
1 bunch of pickled salted mustard greens, finely chopped
Chilli paste (optional)
Salt and pepper

1.          Boil the beef, herbs and spices with the stock in a large pot on low heat until the beef is tender. I used my pressure cooker which only took 10 minutes.
2.          Add in the carrots and turnips and cook till they’re softened. (Another 10 minutes in the pressure cooker). Add salt and pepper to taste.
3.          In a separate pot, cook the noodles in boiling water.
4.          Drain and rinse the starch away with cold water.
5.          Place drained noodles at the bottom of the bowl.
6.          Ladle over the beef stew.
7.          Serve with the pickled mustard greens and chilli paste.

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