Thursday, 10 November 2011

Coming Up in November

Hello dear blog readers! I’ve sort of lost my baking mojo at the moment, and in the past two weeks really weren’t physically up to doing any elaborate cooking. I’m hoping my kitchen will get more usage this month apart from making the easy quick meals to feed the family, you know, like heating up frozen pizzas, mixing up salads to go with Woolies roast chicken, getting the kids to grill readymade chicken skewers and flip burgers. The kids are learning to cook though LOL! They even made burritos and spaghetti bolognaise. School term is almost finished so there might not be a lot of baking this month.

I haven’t introduced the newest member of our family. Here he is with his favourite toy dog.

Messy boy has been eating in bed.


  1. Katma,
    Hope you get your mojo back soon.we're all thinking of you.

  2. That dog is seriously cute

  3. He just uprooted my olive tree. Not happy Jan!


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